Law and Gospel errata


Lectures 22–39 of Law and Gospel have now been formatted, and many errors have been corrected. The Greek text still needs to be added, and the lectures more thoroughly proofread.

Note: I have received a few emails from individuals who have been finding errors in the text. I greatly appreciate this. However, I must insist that any errors be submitted as individual errata and not in the form of corrected HTML or Word documents. The reason is simple: no existing editor, be it Word or an HTML specific editor, will correctly preserve the styles and formatting of the original, and remain in compliance with all web standards. I am sorry if anyone is already in the midst of preparing a corrected text, but I cannot make use of such texts. This is especially important for the future conversion of the works on this site to other electronic formats, such as OSIS. If I receive a list of errata, however, I can quickly and easily make the changes. Thank you again for any corrections.