June 20, 2008 — Email is working again

Thank you, Brian Dumont, for letting me know that email was not working. I was wondering why nobody writes me anymore.

So, anyone who has tried to email me the past several months, and had their messages bounced, this should be corrected. It may take a day or so for the change to propogate, however.

September 15, 2007 — Meet the new site, same as the old site — almost

In the past couple of days, I have transitioned this site over to a content management system (CMS), called CMS Made Simple. Since I converted my existing site layout into a CMS Made Simple template, this change will almost go unnoticed, other than the new formating of the News page.

One big plus to this change is that as I work on a snazzier (is that a word?) look and feel for the site, I can test it with existing content intact, and eventually roll out a new look with all the existing content in place already.

As a side benefit, the News page now has an RSS feed, for those of you who use RSS readers.

I have never found an easier system to manage a website. For those of you who know even basic HTML coding, and enough to setup an empty MySQL database, you will not find an easier CMS. It is lightweight, and not overloaded with features that a basic site doesn't need. There are lots of good plugins to extend it to do other things like integrate forums, shopping carts, etc. I highly recommend it.

March 25, 2007 — Law and Gospel greek updated
The Greek text has been added to lectures 22–39 of Law and Gospel.
March 24, 2007 — Law and Gospel errata

Lectures 22–39 of Law and Gospel have now been formatted, and many errors have been corrected. The Greek text still needs to be added, and the lectures more thoroughly proofread.

Note: I have received a few emails from individuals who have been finding errors in the text. I greatly appreciate this. However, I must insist that any errors be submitted as individual errata and not in the form of corrected HTML or Word documents. The reason is simple: no existing editor, be it Word or an HTML specific editor, will correctly preserve the styles and formatting of the original, and remain in compliance with all web standards. I am sorry if anyone is already in the midst of preparing a corrected text, but I cannot make use of such texts. This is especially important for the future conversion of the works on this site to other electronic formats, such as OSIS. If I receive a list of errata, however, I can quickly and easily make the changes. Thank you again for any corrections.

March 9, 2007 — Final Law and Gospel Lectures
Lectures 22–39 of Law and Gospel have now been posted. These are all the remaining lectures, so the text of the work is now complete. However, I did very little extra proofing of these lectures, in an effort make them available in a more timely fashion. Noteably missing are most of the italics, and all of the Greek text. Also, a number of ordered lists appear in the text that do not belong there. I will bring these remaining lectures up to snuff as I find time to do so.
September 27, 2006 — Law and Gospel update
Numerous scanning errors in lectures 14–21 of Law and Gospel have been corrected. If you have recently downloaded these lectures, you will wish to refresh your copy.
August 8, 2006 — Law and Gospel update
Lectures 20 and 21 of Walther’s Law and Gospel are now posted.
August 7, 2006 — Law and Gospel update
Lectures 18 and 19 of Walther’s Law and Gospel are now posted.
August 4, 2006 — Site updates
  • Greek and Hebrew text has been converted to Unicode. You will need to install a supported font to view Greek and Hebrew text optimally.
  • Lectures thirteen through seventeen added to Walther’s Law and Gospel
  • The great format cleanup on The Kretzmann Project is now in full swing. Check out the first thirty chapters of Genesis to see the improvement.

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