Meet the new site, same as the old site — almost


In the past couple of days, I have transitioned this site over to a content management system (CMS), called CMS Made Simple. Since I converted my existing site layout into a CMS Made Simple template, this change will almost go unnoticed, other than the new formating of the News page.

One big plus to this change is that as I work on a snazzier (is that a word?) look and feel for the site, I can test it with existing content intact, and eventually roll out a new look with all the existing content in place already.

As a side benefit, the News page now has an RSS feed, for those of you who use RSS readers.

I have never found an easier system to manage a website. For those of you who know even basic HTML coding, and enough to setup an empty MySQL database, you will not find an easier CMS. It is lightweight, and not overloaded with features that a basic site doesn't need. There are lots of good plugins to extend it to do other things like integrate forums, shopping carts, etc. I highly recommend it.